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Some helpful tips below on how to measure up for Driveway Gates. For more information contact us, we are happy to help.

Gate Measuring Tips 
Measuring Driveway Entry Gates

Measuring for your Gate

When measuring for a swing gate and sliding gate, measure from inside post to inside post and the height you require the gate to be. The deductions for Swing Gates = We take of 100mm off the opening size to allow for the Nylon Bush Hinges, which gives 80mm on the swing side and 20mm on the closing side. Double Swing Gates we deduct 180mm. For the height of the gate always deduct 40mm to 50mm from the ground up measument, allowing the gate to swing.


For Sliding Gates, you measure the same way, from inside post to inside post, we normally add 200mm for overlap of the opening. If your posts are only 75mm wide for example for will only add 150mm for the overlap, the overlap is required for the gate hardware to support the gate, the roller bracket is normally fixed the the opening side post. When the gate wheels are inserted into the bottom of the gate ( slots are already cut for the gate wheels ) the gate will be higher by approx 45mm by the time it is sitting on the sliding gate track. ( Gate Setup Below )

Typical Sliding Gate Setup 
Sliding Gate Setup

Gate Hardware required for your Sliding Gate

Available from GATE FORCE

Sliding Gate Set Up - This gate is opening to the left, ( in reverse for right hand opening ) if the gate opening is 4M for example we normally add 200mm so the gate would be 4.2M, giving you 100mm each side overlap for roller bracket support and for the gate keeper closing end..

For the bottom section of the gate which is 100mm x 50mm aluminium box section, we normally add 300mm for the tail, the extra room needed if you are going to have a sliding gate motor (if there was no tail, the motor would be in the driveway area). So as you can see it is very straight forward. We go through all the deductions and add ons, when we have your basic measurements. NOTE: There are different styles of gate keepers for certain applications.

EXAMPLE: If your preferred  Gate Height is 1.5m from the slab to the top of the gate, we deduct 45mm for the gate wheels & Track which you will gain in height...So the gate will be made @ 1455mm for example = 1.5M = finished height. The Roller Bracket = from top of the gate to top of bracket = 50mm, so always allow an extra 100mm min for the height of the fence post......( Wheels an extra 45mm & Roller bracket an extra 50mm for fence post height ).



Tapered Sliding Gates / Sloping Driveways 
Tapered Sliding Gates

Tapered Sliding Gate

Tapered Sliding Gates.. are made the same as a Sliding Gate on level ground, the difference being that some driveways are falling to the left or right (sloping ground) as per the gate picture. In this instance, you must work out the how much the fall is ( EG: gate in pic has a 200mm fall). We then make the left or right side of the gate longer in height, but keep the top of the gate @ 90 degrees (square), so when the bottom rail is welded to the gate frame, this will give the you the same plain fall as the driveway. We Fabricate Slat gates to suit level surfaces only...We Do Not Taper the Tops of Slide gates only the Bottom Section.

A guide block is used with a section of guide channel that is fixed to the Guide Post.. Which is normally positioned around 200mm from inside of fence post to inside of guide post if using 20mm timber for example add extra 20mm, we weld channel to the inside face of the gate, that will slide through the guide block, that is attached to the post with a section of guide channel (300mm long) this allows the guide block to slide up and down when the gate is opening and closing.

Gate Hardware we supply... The Sliding gate requires a few components, 2 x gate wheels, 1 x gate stop, 1 x gate keeper, 1 x roller bracket with 2 rollers or 1 x guide block and of coarse gate track, the length of the gate track must be double the length of the gate, as it has to slide open, you will require a concrete strip coming off the driveway to support the gate track.

The Concrete Strip for the Gate Track is normally about 300mm wide (min 120mm deep), with a 400mm x 400mm section behind the post for the gate motor...It it very important that the concrete strip is on the same plain (level & smooth) as the concrete on the driveway, so you end up with one smooth level surface for the total distance, even if the gate has a taper, the fall must be smooth and level...The length of the strip should be 500mm longer than the gate, as to allow for the 300mm tail, room to bolt down the open ground gate stop.

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